Barbara Fernald’s Jewelry!

Do you know Barb Fernald? She is a fantastic jewelry designer. She has some talent, that woman! She has a great blog too, and takes the most awesome photos AND uses some pretty cute props for her photos! She made the top two sets of earrings with my glass headpins. I think they turned out amazing, her riveting work is fantastic! I had to show you the last photo because I think the earrings are pretty inventive and really show her talent and style! You can find her etsy store right here!

3 thoughts on “Barbara Fernald’s Jewelry!”

  1. Wow, Sue, thanks! I am so honored to have you put me on your blog! I love this jewelry, bead, artist, blog community. So fun. I get so much inspiration from other people. You all have great energy.
    xoxo Barb

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