Bead Cap Day and Broken Nose

Today is bead cap day! I made glass beads in the morning yesterday and enameled bead caps in the afternoon yesterday. They will be available in the SueBeads etsy store shortly! Since I live in Pittsburgh and we get about 3 sunny days a year, the photos here are a little darker than the actual beads.

So on to the broken nose part. I got a call yesterday late afternoon from my daughter. She called to let me know she got hit in the face with a softball. The trainer got on the phone to tell me I should take her to get x-rays when she gets home…yay. This is the same girl who got a concussion last spring playing softball. I took her to the urgent care place and sure enough, they said she has a broken nose. At least it’s not crooked or anything, just swollen and black and blue. I have to take her to the ENT on Thursday for evaluation. It’s always something!

On a lighter note, I was so happy to find out this morning that I won a giveaway in Lisa Liddy’s new shop on etsy, MetalMeThis! That cheered me up considerably! I’ll do another post so you can see what she sends me!

7 thoughts on “Bead Cap Day and Broken Nose”

  1. So sorry to hear about your daughter's nose, I hope she has a speedy recovery!

    The beadcaps are beautiful!

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