The Bead Chest

I recently discovered a cool web site, The Bead Chest, which sells great African and trade beads. Isaac is the owner, and he also has a blog in which you can read some interesting history of African and trade beads. Below you can find some photos of beads stocked in his shop!
These are Kakamba glass beads – I kind of really like these!
These are Ethiopian white metal beads – I’m gonna definitely need some of these!
They also have these Ethiopian beads in copper! Yay! I may need some of these too!
Something I’m not going to be able to pass up – African recycled glass beads. I simply love this color and these will be joining my little bead family soon!

I am going to be receiving a gift certificate to his shop soon, so I know these babies will be mine! I hope you get a chance to visit The Bead Chest and see if there’s anything you need there!

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