Bead Show Beads

I recently attended the InterGem Bead Show in Monroeville, and thought I’d show you the pretties I picked up while there!

 The ones above are from Holy and Pure Gemstone – a different color palette than I normally am attracted to, but I don’t have any beads in these colors!

These ones are from Eagle – the main thing I wanted from them are all these pretty titanium hematite beads.  I first saw them at Bead Fest Philly last year and am glad I found some more, so I don’t feel bad about using them! 

BTW, I will be at Bead Fest Philly again this year in August. I’ll remind you when it’s coming up, but wanted you to know that since it’s work season now (with contractor boyfriend) and I have to start making inventory for Bead Fest, the bead updates might be less often.  I will post here when I’m updating my etsy store. 

ALSO!  Please remember, I have a web site.  I have beads listed in the catalog there that are different than the ones that appear on etsy.  They are made to order and you can find them here:

I also have to apologize for the few and far between blog posts and the less than immediate responses to your comment.  For some reason, since the holidays, I have not been able to get into the swing of things.  One reason may be that I had been constantly sick this past winter, with the sickness culminating in a very bad case of bronchitis with a 103.7 fever.  I also see to be too busy to get anything accomplished, although I have no idea why.  It will just get worst with summer, and work, and everything else.  So THANK YOU for visiting my blog and for bearing with me!

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