6 thoughts on “Because I’m Lucky!”

  1. They are so beautiful! My father could grow great roses. I gave it a try after he passed, but when it came to roses I was no good at all.
    But I can grow other things as good as he could.

  2. Gorgeous!! BTW did I mention I got the beads you sent me? I can not for the life of me remember if I let you know or not. Thank you so much!! Rarely have I seen such amazingly stunning beads!! I am almost scared to use them. You are at the top of my list of faves, friend!! I will post a pic of them soon, just need to pull it together. I will post again when I make projects with them of course. Assuming I have your permission to photograph them and post??

    Thanks Again


  3. Hi everyone – thanks for the nice comments! I have a Princess Diana rose bush that I love; it keeps on every year, don’t know why! Marie – you can absolutely publish photos of your jewelry with my beads! I’d be happy to put them on my blog, too!

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