Bedford Springs

We had our second night at Bedford Springs earlier this week. It rained the whole day – when we got there, it was even thunderstorming! We made the best of it thought! We played ping pong in the kids’ room for an hour, then decided to go eat dinner. When we went out side, it had stopped raining so we went on a hike. We had a great walk, saw this tree that a woodpecker is handily destroying!The tulips around the fountain opened up and are gorgeous!
After our hike, we went and had dinner in the tavern and then played a few games of pool. I lost every one, but I did come close on the second game – we each had one ball left, but I couldn’t sink mine before he did. Oh well… after that, we took a beer out to the fire pit and had a nice conversation with someone we met out there.
In the morning, we took advantage of the mineral pool and had a dip for a bit before we ate and checked out. Then we went on another hike. Sadly, we did have to go home after having such a wonderful time together. On our drive, we took the long way and came across this buffalo farm! It’s a very strange sight, considering most farms in this area are cows!
Then we came across this really cute little place that had all kinds of fairy tale figures. I had to have Jason pull over so I could take a picture of this one!
All in all, it was a very fun get-away and I highly recommend Bedford Springs Resort and Spa if you need a little getaway!!!!

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  1. We just had our huge party here at the Springs and it has been fantastic!! I'm sorry to hear that it rained for most of your visit, but it's still kind of awesome. 🙂

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