Black and White Jewelry Design Challenge Blog Hop

Sally Russick is hosting a Black and White Jewelry Design Challenge!  Here’s my piece!

I used a black and white heart from Nancy Schindler, and I made some matching lampwork beads!  The beads were made with clear, coated in white enamel, and then striped with black!  They go great with Nancy’s heart focal!

Here’s a closeup – I am having a jump ring issue as you can see.  If anyone has a better idea of how I could attach the pendant to the bracelet, I’m all ears!  Right now it’s with two jump rings and I just don’t like it!

Here’s the rest of the participants – I hope you check out what they made too!  And thanks for hosting a blog hop Sally!

20 thoughts on “Black and White Jewelry Design Challenge Blog Hop”

  1. Susan, what a beautiful bracelet and the way the beads are enameled, Wow!! Thank you for participating.

    I just realized that I have the wrong link for your name so I added you to the Inlinkz on my blog! Sorry about the error, but it is directing people to your Etsy store so that's a good thing!!

  2. Use an oval jump ring… if you don't have oval mandrels sacrafice a disposable chop stick. (if the chopstick is too small carefully wrap it with masking tape) I love your bracelet.. Your beads match that heart perfectly!

  3. Love your coordinated beads and pendant, Sue! Do you have small pinch-style bails? I wonder if that would be an option for attachment. If using jump-rings you could choose a slightly bigger size, attach four through the pendant but with 2 going on either side of a bead on the bracelet keep the pendant from sliding around too much.

  4. I had some of these beads at one time – they now reside in a necklace that my mother BEGGED me to give to her! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these beads! Personally, I see nothing wrong with suspending the pendant via the two jump rings – you could also attach it with a piece of leather or fiber in a bow-like fashion – or wire it. Wish I could insert a picture of what I was trying to say here! Regardless…I think it is beautiful!

  5. Very beautiful bracelet! I love your beads and the heart pendant is just gorgeous, too. Not sure what the solution would be for your jump-ring issue,…possibly a figure "8" handmade link or just one large jump ring. Then, there's always the option to tie it on with Sari Silk or black and white ribbon,….but you wouldn't want it to slip off and break. Let us know what you end up doing.

  6. those beads you made are gorgeous! i love the look! they are perfect for the heart. i have no advice about the jumprings, but i think it looks fine in the photos. does it hang well?

  7. Sue, I have been a fan of your beads forever and never took the time to write. Your creations for this design are amazing. I will be heading to the Pittsburgh area soon. Do you have a store front or prefer to sell through your Etsy shop?

  8. Sue, your bracelet is a real classic! It is fantastic that you could add your own personal touch with your lampwork beads – they are beautiful! I've always loved this color combo.

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