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I made buttons yesterday – to be specific, small shank buttons. Whenever I try something new, for some reason, I am thinking small and that’s how they come out! I think it’s because the creative process is somewhat hard for me at times – to go outside the safety of what I usually do, and do something different. I think they are probably too small to actually use on a bracelet, I’m not sure. That’s why I am showing you and asking your advice! They measure approximately 12mm. Maybe they aren’t too small? I think the shank part is too thick, and I think the button part needs to be larger, to be able to be caught by whatever you would loop it with. Most likely it would be strung seed beads, I guess, or maybe silk cord or leather or something like that. And who knows why the first photo turned out and the second one is somewhat blurry – and why I can’t seem to edit my photos unless the engineer is standing right next to me…

Some are made on a 1/16″ mandrel, which would be great for beading wire, and some are made on a 3/32″ mandrel, which would work for leather or cord. Does anyone have an opinon on them? This is NOT a quality question!!!!!! It’s the first time I made them, so I know they aren’t that great! Rather, a comment about the size, the mandrel size, the shank size, etc.? I would really appreciate any constructive comments you could provide!

5 thoughts on “Button Button”

  1. hi Sue!

    Yes, I think they are a bit too small – I’m picturing them on the end of the bracelet with a seed beaded loop, and I think there isn’t enough button part to keep the loop attached.
    But the shank part looks really good.
    I would just do the button part a bit bigger.

  2. Sue, I’m actually seeing them as an embellishment on a hat, fabric cuff, or something like that. Probably the button part is a little small to work like a button. But I think there are other ways they could be used. They are beautiful BTW.

  3. Thank you LeAnn – you are right. I only had in my head that there were going to be used for jewelry, but they can be used as many things! Thanks for opening my eyes!

  4. Hey Sue, that’s why this blogging and sharing stuff is so great. You get to see new perspectives and then take it away and do something you never would have thought of. Inspiration. I get it from all of you all the time!

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