Ok, I am a flake today, but I did manage to do laundry and a few small things, like pack up some etsy orders. This day went so fast. We just got back from a meeting for my daughter’s trip to Italy that starts on Thursday. She’ll be gone for a month. Lots to do in the next few days, and I have some bead order to attend to also! Anyone have any requests? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Certificate”

  1. We did that trip – it was fun (but a REALLY early morning!)…I completely lost track of how high up we were and was wondering why I got a little out of breath until I remembered how high up we were :o)

    And it was all worth it to hear Thomas tell people to slow down (something I never thought I'd hear!)…

  2. ITALY! I lived in Italy for a few months (Venice) and it was diviiiiiine. Oh man. But I did gain weight from the food! Ah, but I could have cared less. What a place!

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