Early Bird Gets the Discount!

Here’s a list of everyone who is participating in the big Early Bird Sale next week – October 26-28. Visit each artist to find out about discounts and giveaways, then join me at my etsy store SueBeads those days to enjoy 15% off your order with the discount code EARLYBIRD15!

Melinda Orr ~

Karen Totten ~

Kristi Bowman~ Gruel

Marla James ~

Susan Kennedy ~

Marie~Noel Voyer Cramp ~

Staci Louise Klinger Smith ~

Marsha Neal

10 thoughts on “Early Bird Gets the Discount!”

  1. Thanks for offering a sale, you know I love them! Requesting glass headpins for the future if you would. Been to your shop this morning. Have a good sale and a great day.

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