Ears to You!

Amy Taylor Freeland is hosting a blog hop – linkup for a charity called Ears to You.   They are especially looking for earrings for tween/teen patients.  Here’s what I made!

If you wish to donate to this worthy cause, please see below!  And please check out Amy’s blog to see who all made what!!!

 This is from their web site:

To You® is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit corporation and our mission is to
provide hope and joy through the donation and distribution of beautiful
earrings to women and girls with cancer of any type. 


These earrings:

  • brighten a patient’s day with a little bling when she needs a little lift
  • create a distraction from the IV’s, worries and fears and allow her to do something fun  
  • help women and girls feel more “normal” and beautiful at a time when they are adjusting to hair loss
  • provide hope and help her think positively  
  • give encouragement from a survivor       
  • are provided at no cost to the patient  

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