Fall Beads

Earth Sparkles

Fall Twisted Flowers

Wasabi Raku

Earth Rocks

Autumn Sparkles

Autumn Leaves

I’ve been busy making some orders (thank you!) and I haven’t been posting many beady photos. So I thought I’d post some photos of items you can pick up in the SueBeads web store for your fall designs! These items have been in the catalog for a while now; they are always favorites!

7 thoughts on “Fall Beads”

  1. You are just evil sometimes (in a good way)…I am trying to be good and stay on my bead diet, and then you post the pictures of these GORGEOUS beads…


  2. Man alive! I started looking at the beads and I said, "Yeah, that's my favorite" and then the next group came up … just absolutely beautiful beads! Congratulations on a job well done!

  3. All are just stunning! I particularly like the "Earth" collection ones and the "Autumn" collection ones and the Wasabi Rakus!

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