A Few Things!

I have a few things to say today!!!! I thought I’d make them colorful, too!

1) I am so glad the first week of school is over with!

2) I am so glad it’s a long weekend!!!!

3) I sold some beads to someone in Vilnius, Lithuania – how cool is that? Your beads are on their way today!

4) The engineer received this email from someone last night – take a look:

“can you please send me an abstract on GRID COMPUTING WITHIN 4 HOURS….PLEASE”

So, the engineer works at a university and is fairly famous in his field – can you imagine getting this from someone – at 2am??!!??!?! This someone is apparently a student from a foreign university who apparently doesn’t realize how small the world is!

5) I am going to Maryland tomorrow for a fun B&B overnight near Deep Creek – I’ve never been there.

6) I’ll have some beads on etsy later today and yes, the dust is free!!!!!

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