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Pretty Photo for you, Diamond Waterfall in St. Lucia

For Mother’s Day, I am offering free shipping in the SueBeads etsy store, until May 9th, my birthday! I was actually born on Mother’s Day!!! What a gift! :} The only thing is, I don’t feel like changing over 60 listings, so just wait for a revised invoice to pay! OR I will be happy to refund shipping if you forget!

Today has been pretty much like yesterday – bank, BB&B, make beads, eat lunch, use de-piller on the karate dobok (sp?) that I got at BB&B, move buttons on my daughter’s uniform kilt, plant some plants, dishes, get dinner in the crockpot, etc. While I’m not done yet – I have to make some earrings with my beads for the Pittsburgh Glass Center Sale on May 9th, I did sit outside to move the buttons and boy, is it nice!!! I love this weather, and getting some alone time before the craziness starts again at 4pm.

Oh yeah, I wanted to mention, my daughter has been taking a class at the Glass Center called Photographic Imagery in Glass. She has a fantastic flair for photography, and loves glass (of course!) and this was perfect for her. She made a piece (it’s still waiting to be sandblasted) and wrote a poem to go along with it. I won’t post the poem until I get to post a photo of the piece, too, but let me tell you, I am FORCING her to submit it to a teen poetry magazine – she is just amazing!

Oh yes, and my son is participating in an all martial arts championship tournament on Saturday (all day!!!). He usually comes home with a trophy bigger than he is. I hope he does again this year, although it will be tougher for him now that he is a black belt. But he’s really good, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. He likes to trick me into thinking he did horrible! I’ll let you know!

Edited to add – thanks Heather for the name of the waterfall!

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  1. Grand St. Lucian (Sandals). It was very nice, the hotel was great even though we felt OLD! I liked Grand Cayman better for snorkeling, though, but this was a better resort! Where did you stay?

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