Godspell Jr.

My son and his friend waiting for the cake!

So, I mentioned that the two evenings right before spring break were spent watching my son in his 8th grade musical, Godspell Jr. I had never seen Godspell before, but I knew that I knew the story. This Godspell verion is the Jr. version, which means all the adult themes are fairly well removed. Godspell was actually written by a CMU student as his master’s thesis in 1970. It eventually found it’s way to Broadway, where it is actually showing right now. Godspell goes through the parables and then at the end, briefly the passion of the christ. The kids did a fantastic job and my son had a wonderful time participating! So much so that when he goes to high school, he wants to participate in the musicals there and let me tell you, our local high school goes all out!

So, tomorrow is the big Colors of Spring reveal with Sally Russick – watch for my items and a giveaway!

Then on Sunday I’ll try to tell you about my trip to Bedford! It was fun!

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  1. I've never seen Godspell, either. It's wonderful that your son is so enthusiastic about music and musicals and even better that he'll get to go onto a high school that has a good program. I don't why blogger does that either but I just tipped my head to the side and it looked just fine.

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