Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop!

Diana Ptaszynski (Suburban Girl Studio) is hosting a blog hop today – Halloween/Day of the Dead!  I have to admit that I had loftier plans than what I ended up making.  I bit off more than I could chew this past weekend and while we did get two of my new windows installed and all of the stuff in the yard cut down and a big plant moved etc. etc.  I did not get to make what I wanted.  But here’s what I did make.

This cute little necklace was made from a charm I picked up in a little antique store in Bedford, PA.  It looks like one of those vintage Halloween cards – below the the back of the charm.

I also made these pumpkin earrings, complete with emerald green seed bead stems!  These were made with a pretty yellow color enamel powder on clear glass.  I kind of like how subtle they are!

And since I didn’t get to make anything else, I thought I’d show you some eye candy  – my collection of halloweeny/day of the dead beads!

Below is an owl head from Marti Conrad and a sugar skull from Gaea.

Next, pumpkin beads and a bird from Kylie Parry.

Scary face from Rebecca Watkins (ArtyBecca) and a sugar skull charm from Beth Hemilla!

Great skully from Diana P. (our host) and scary face from Lisa Peters Art.  I wanted to make something from Lisa’s bead, but just didn’t get to in time.

Finally another little charm I picked up and a funny face that I made (actually for Beads of Courage).

I hope you enjoyed my little creations and my eye candy.  Please go check out what everyone else made – I’m sure there are going to be some fantastic creations!

Kathleen Breeding  http://99bobotw.blogspot.com

Dianne Miller  http://www.artbydianne.blogspot.com

Lisa Liddy  http://www.lisaliddy.wordpress.com
Toltec Jewels  http://www.JewelSchoolFriends.com
Laura Medeiros  http://Www.zoeowyn.blogspot.com
Veralynne Malone  http://www.veradesigns.blogspot.com

Jenny Davies-Reazor  http://jdaviesreazor.com/blog

Stephanie LaRosa  http://Www.stringaholic.blogspot.com

Nicole Valentine Rimmer

Sarajo Wentling  http://www.sjdesignsjewelry.blogspot.com

Dawn M. Gallop  http://www.flipflopsandpoptarts.com

26 thoughts on “Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop!”

  1. Both of those are awesome. I love the little charm and I always love your beads. The earrings are subtle, but because they are subtle, they can be worn year round. 🙂

    Thanks for they eye candy as well. I might be doing some shopping later.

  2. Cute vintage tag charm Sue and the eye candy was scary delicious. My sister was born in the Bedford hospital way back in 1966. My dad is from that area and we were living in Riddlesburg, PA while he was in Viet Nam.

  3. Sue adorable!! I understand completely on finding the time…I already feel like I never sleep…haha! I will be ordering some more of the beads like I bought from you at ArtBliss, I made earrings with them on Friday and love them….thanks again for sharing your talents. Have a wonderful day, Dawn

  4. I want all of those! I would go broke because I would keep them all for myself and not make anything to sell.

  5. I'm so sorry you didn't have time to work with your fabulous collection of art beads. I do love the little Scarecrow pendant you're showing. My favorite focal is the sugar skull from Gaea; I hope to see it in next year's DOTD Blog Hop.
    Lori in Atlanta

  6. Sue, I know what you mean about having grander plans than what you end up with for some of these blog hops! The pumpkin earrings you made are super cute and I'm drooling over some of the beads in your stash…maybe for next year!

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