I’m In A Treasury

Treasury by Simone of Huismus, I’m on the lower left – Amber Sparkle Beads

Simone, from Huismus, put me in a Treasury! Unless I missed one, this is the first Treasury I’ve ever been in!!!! Thanks so much, Simone! Does anyone know how to do a screen save, so I can post a photo? If you know how, can you help me?!?!? Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who gave me hints and tips to get this photo done. I didn’t realize blogger only liked jpeg! Now I know – thanks so much again!

6 thoughts on “I’m In A Treasury”

  1. Congrats Sue! You can download Fireshot (it’s free) and use it to capture the treasury. Somewhere on Lucid Moon Lisa posted a tutorial on using it. It’s simple! Even I can do it 🙂

  2. Center the treasury on the screen and make sure the box with your beads is displayed on the screen. You should have a “PrtScn” (Print screen) key on your keyboard. Mine is up at the top. Hit the print screen button and then open a new word doc, photo shop or other photo editing software and paste it into there. You could also use paint if you are familiar with that. You should be able to crop out the side bars and save as a jpeg.
    I hope this helps.

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