I’m Proud Of These!

I love these beads – the cobalt filigrana hollow bead and disc bead set that you can find in my etsy store. They take lots of practice! At least for me. I am actually taking a summer intensive in August at the Pittsburgh Glass Center with Barbara Becker-Simon, for the sole purpose of getting better at hollows! But I have to say I am so proud of these ones, they are the first I believe are fit for sale! Hopefully my intensive will help me a lot, because I have to say that hollows and discs are my favorite beads to look at! I want them to be my favorite beads to make. The queen of hollows has to be Andree Kosack. I have one of hers and I love it!

Me and the son just took a walk, in the sprinkling rain. It was nice, getting time with him. The girl is at the glass center, finishing up her Photographic Imagery in Glass class. She loved it. She’s going to be an arty girl!

2 thoughts on “I’m Proud Of These!”

  1. Sue, you should be pleased. These are beautiful. I can see the mandrel in there and I can see the outside (of course) but is there “air” between the two? Anyway these are beautiful!

  2. There is air there! They are made by making two discs and eventually joining them in the middle, it’s hard to do! At least for me – takes a lot of practice!

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