It’s Not ALL About The Flowers!

Yep, I did get flowers on Valentine’s Day! Aren’t they gorgeous! Twelve roses in my favorite rose color, Hot Pink! The engineer even ordered them a week ago, to make sure he got what he wanted. How nice!
However, it’s not always all about the flowers! The engineer spent part of his day yesterday fixing my (his) light box, which he built to take my bead pictures. Seems the bead pairs I have been making have been rolling from side to side because the folding table and the basement floor aren’t level (quelle surprise!). So, he very engineer-like went to the hardware store to look around to come up with some kind of way to level the light box without spending a ton of money! Engineers are smart like that! He bought some “c” clamps, and cut off the “c” part, and used the other part to make levels!
This is a picture of the base of the light box; can you see the little levels by the light fixtures (click on the picture to make it bigger)? He glued them onto the base, so that when he screws the thing up and down, he can make sure the base is level! All for about $10.00.

Since he fixed the table, he was able to finish the pictures of all the bead pairs I have been making. I should be listing more in the etsy store tonight.

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