Jen Judd

Jen Judd is another person who has waited patiently for me to show you some photos of her work with my beads! Again, same excuses – concussion, surgery, spring break. I am going to try and time this to post tomorrow while I am knocked out with the Michael Jackson drug. Here are some photos of her work with my beads and enamel headpins – fantastic! Tip from Jen – if you work the headpins too hard, they crack. Just be a little gentle with them!

4 thoughts on “Jen Judd”

  1. Jen does rock! I've followed her blog for some time now and love, Love, LOVE her work (and her witty sense of humor too!) 🙂

    I have to laugh right now because I read your post super fast the first time through and I read "Her headpins are like crack!" Re-reading it, I caught the full sentence. I giggle because I love Jen's work and it's all like crack. YOu get addicted to her creations!

    So yes, I'm a little off, but one thing is certain… Jen Judd ROCKS! :o)

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