Kristi Bowman Design Big Hole Challenge

Kristi, of Kristi Bowman Design, created some fabulous big hole components and decided to have a challenge! I did not win one of the giveaway beads, but I did purchase one to take part in the challenge! I love the one she sent me – sunflower! I had an idea in my head immediately what I wanted to do!  I created the disc bead from a peach colored Bullseye glass, and connected it to the big hole bead with a floral copper bead cap and a copper disc, and a hand-made balled-end head pin!  I made the bail, too, as a way to connect it!  Turned out quite cool!

I used this gorgeous copper patinated clasp I received from someone (sorry, someone, I believe is was from a bead swap or challenge) because it just matched so perfectly.

I used GORGEOUS sunstone beads that I had in my stash, and copper seed beads in the design too!

I made the necklace slightly asymmetrical by stringing the sunstone beads that way, and finished the necklace with copper chain and a gorgeous orange silk cord!  This is actually the second necklace I created with this piece.  The first one had lower quality sunstone beads that I had found first, and the silk cord was used by itself without the chain. 

It looks SOOOOOO much better to me this way and I have to say I am totally thrilled with it!  My son even said, wow, if I was a girl, I’d wear it!  Thanks for visiting!

If you want to see what everyone else made, check out the list below!  And have fun!

24 thoughts on “Kristi Bowman Design Big Hole Challenge”

  1. Stunning Sue, I love how you used that piece of glass, it almost makes it looks like a toggle but it's not. Beautiful work as always my friend, thank you so much for joining my hop!

  2. Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sun stone beads with the copper. I am just blown away by those of you that can create your own components. Just amazing. Great job!

  3. Sue- great use of the color, it truely does make it a sunflower!!!!
    I like it as a pendant like that! I originally was going to do a pendant too, but mine never turn out too great;) YOurs did!

  4. Gorgeous! I love how you used your own lampwork disc as a connector! How clever! The beads and other elements you used really show of the donut so well!

  5. Very fun! I love how well your sunstones, and all your other components work with the Kristi's copper focal, both color-wise and and in theme.

    I'd definitely wear this! 🙂

  6. If your son says he would wear it if he was a girl, that is a huge complement. I have yet to hear my son say anything close to that. haha! I love how you stacked the focal and the use of the silk cord. Gorgeous work. I would wear it AND I'm a girl 😉

  7. Love the necklace, this is something I would totally wear, and I am not even an "orange" person. It's simple yet very classic. I just love how everyone approached things so differently!

  8. Oh look you got a flower donut too! he he. Oh I love the sunstone with it! Do you know I was going to use sunstone with mine too! I had these amazing little pieces, and I NEVER use stone so I gave them away! *slaps forehead* Ack!

    I love how you assembled everything and followed the wonderful coppery color of the donut.

    xo Genea

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