La Jolla, CA

I mentioned that a few weeks ago, I was in San Diego with the engineer – he was presenting a paper at a conference, and I got to visit a college friend and my Aunt. Here’s a photo of Kelly and me at a restaurant called George’s in La Jolla – it was a very nice night, and we had a lot of fun! We were out all day together in the heat (it was about 85 degrees that day) at Balboa Park, in San Diego and La Jolla, and I’ll have more photos soon!

Just so you know, we were trying to hide our double chins!

6 thoughts on “La Jolla, CA”

  1. it looked like your technique worked … I didn't see any double chins! I think that area, La Jolla and Balboa Park, is so beautiful and it has lots to do. I was there for a ceramics conference a number of years ago. I really enjoyed myself and the galleries were great.

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