More Great Sunday

Since I can only upload 5 photos at a time, here’s the second part of the post. Here’s a cute photo of the kids in the “Winter Classic” store posing in the funny hats they had for sale! You may know that the Hockey Winter Classic game is being played here in Pittsburgh on New Year’s Day, at Heinz Field. Pens vs. Capitals. Can you guess who I want to win?I was so glad I stopped in at Penn Avenue Pottery. The artist Tracey Seder Donoughe sells her wares there. I had a great talk with her and bought these fantastic beads and buttons! I think I may even take her up on her offer to learn how to make these beads myself!
I had a hard time only choosing 8 beads, but we had to leave to make it back to the museum. Her beads are just so cool! So earthy!

Finally, we went to Lidia’s for dinner, and it was fantastic. The kids had a blast and so did Jason and I! To top off the night, the Steelers won over the Ravens!!!! What a great day!

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