New Beads

I’m so burned out this morning with making beads, and feel like I’m nowhere ready for Bead Fest, but there’s a point, I guess, where I have to do inventory and see what I need to do with my week, so maybe that will be today.  But I wanted to introduce you to some new beads I made this week.  They look like cameos, to me, so I’m going to call them my Cameo Series beads.  I really love them all, but my fave is that green in the middle.  It’s made with CIM Dirty Martini and, as my boyfriend says, looks very victorian.  I can see these being used for weddings.  Although, I would say I’m a bit late for the wedding bead gig.  Oh well, better late than never.  I will have a limited supply of these at Bead Fest (my booth is #456 in the Artisan Section) so if you want some immediately, come and get them!  Otherwise, I will slowly ramp them out when I get back and take about a week off!  You can also let me know now if you’d like some, and I’ll make your custom order when I get home! 

Also, if you want a pass for Bead Fest, let me know – I have post cards and book marks that will give you free admission to the Expo! 

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