New Beads and California

Some new beads in the etsy store, although a lot of them sold just a bit after I listed them! I am going to California later today – the engineer is presenting a paper at a conference, and I get to go along! I am going to see my friend from college, and also my Aunt who lives out there! Should be a nice trip, but short! I’ll be home on Sunday night, all jet-lagged and everything! I am going to keep the etsy store open, but won’t be able to mail things until Monday. Also, my web server is still not working – I’m not happy about this at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for web server services???? Don’t forget to enter the giveaway on the post below!

4 thoughts on “New Beads and California”

  1. Hey, Kelly, that would be great! I was joking with you yesterday – I hear all about the rain and the worries about the mud slides – I hope you are ok! I know you all aren't used to the drips falling out of the sky!

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