New Beads Later

I listed some new beads yesterday, including two pairs of beaded beads made with size15 japanese seed beads – I love those! And I’ll be listing some more later today.

Make sure you already ate before you read the following, fair warning!!!!!

But first, I get to go change my clothes. Why, you ask? Because I get to go outside and “lime” a dead deer in my backyard. Seems that even though you call the game commission when you have a dead deer in your backyard (which I did’t know until this occurrence), and they say they’ll send a warden out to “lime” it, they don’t really mean it. I just can’t wait another day with the smell, and the potential for vermin, rodents and disease…

Edited to add – not much to do – nature’s food chain took care of most of it!

Oh, and a very helpful person at Home Depot told me that you get powdered lime, not the granulated lime that you can get at the Home Depot. You have to go to your local hardware store to find it. I’ll let you know how it goes!

8 thoughts on “New Beads Later”

  1. I wish I knew! It looked like it was a yearling, and it was behind a stockade fence. It either tried to jump or it just died there? I'm glad it didn't jump into my pool! My pool is there, then the stockade fence, then the deer…

  2. I panic when I see dead things. I used to breed Love Birds and when my female died of egg binding, I could not even touch her, I was shaking like a leaf.

    Great beads 😉


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