New Purchase

Tang Baby, on etsy, occasionally makes these great felted wool beads. I bought two test tubes full of some beautiful colors – why? I have no idea! I liked them, so I bought them! Now I’ll have to make a mixed media something out of them!

I did something really exciting last night – I moved all my beading materials off the floor of my bedroom onto/into a desk that my parents gave me! They had a computer desk they weren’t going to use anymore, and now it is in my spare bedroom and is going to serve as my beading table! YAY! The kids said, “there’s a big empty space in your bedroom – what was there before?” ALL my beading stuff, in boxes and bags. Can’t wait to be able to use things and be able to see them too!

6 thoughts on “New Purchase”

  1. I am surprised that you did not have a spot to bead, since you have your own lampwork studio! Good thing you got that desk 😉
    Great beads! I think I will have to look out for the winter issue of Stringing now too, thanks Lorelei 🙂


  2. If not for the colours and texture alone, I would buy these just for the test tube packaging. And good on ya for setting up your own beading space. Can't wait too see what comes out of there!

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