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In between driving to the zoo for Kid Science, laundry, yardwork and everything else yesterday, I spent some time making these new things! Copper pendants with washi paper and filled with resin. Three of them have some bling – flatback swarovski crystals. I really like them – I’m going to do some more soon! Here’s my question to you – which store should I put them in? The SueBeads etsy store is dedicated to beads, and the BellaHannahJane etsy store is dedicated to jewelry and pendants. But the BellaHannahJane store gets basically no business or traffic. I’d like people to be able to see these pendants and buy them. Do you have any suggestions for either which store, or what to do with the BellaHannahJane store? Thanks!

4 thoughts on “New Things”

  1. I have two etsy stores too, but only my bead store sells.So I put my finished pieces in my bead store under ferrarioriginalbeads. Pam’s glass designs started out for all my fused glass pendants then I put kits of beads and jewelry. I dont know how to remove it so I have one thing in the shop.

  2. How much traffic do you have to your website versus the etsy? Would it be worth having a charm/scrabble tile section there?

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