No Wine Bottle Yet

Last night the engineer and I spent a good bit of time getting my kiln to slump a wine bottle. It is not done yet… So instead of showing you a picture of my first wine bottle cheese tray, I am showing you a photo of Philadelphia – the standard photo of Philadelphia. Why? Because I have a fun little story to go along with it!

On our way to Philadelphia from Coopersburg, we stopped in Plymouth Meeting to eat dinner, because we were just tired and nauseated from a very long, hard, heavy day of class. After that, we asked the GPS to find us a “state” store, so I could have a mini bottle of wine for the hotel room. It took us all over the eastern part of the state. By the time we got to the main highway that goes into Philadelphia, I had to go so bad I was crying! The engineer spotted a Borders, and pulled over to the valet lane of the very expensive hotel that sits on the left of the photo (not our hotel!), and waited while I RAN across the street and into the Borders.

Did you know that Philadelphia Borders Books are THREE stories high, and that the bathroom is of course in the farthest corner of the store on the third floor? Now you do! Now I do! All I can say is, I thought I lived in a city, until I stayed in Philadelphia for a weekend!

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