Off To Philadelphia…

Via Allentown, on business. I may be able to blog this weekend, I’m going to see a college friend and visit some bead stores and a Cezanne exhibit. If I don’t blog, I will still be reading yours on my baby laptop! Have a great weekend everyone!

BTW, the above photo shows my donation to my son’s school fundraiser, The Great Event! I haven’t slumped the wine bottle yet, but included will be a recycled slumped wine bottle cheese tray, in a very beautiful pale aqua color. The wine bottle was a Riesling!

8 thoughts on “Off To Philadelphia…”

  1. HEY SUE!

    Don’t forget while you’re at the Cezanne exhibit to check out the painting my museum has on loan there! It’s Mondrian, Horizontal Tree!

  2. Wow! I just googled Karen Thomas. I am in love with the stuff. I’ve got a wine and clay show coming up in June and I’ve just got to go and spend some money over there. Thank you, Sue!

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