Our Weekend at Bedford Springs

I think we love this place! The Omni Bedford Springs has a Groupon occasionally and I always take advantage of it. Over St. Patrick’s Day weekend, we went up to Bedford for the weekend and had a fantastic time!We went shooting at the Bedford Sportsman’s Club – it’s the first time I’ve been shooting since I was 16 – and even then, I didn’t have lessons. I didn’t do so great, but look at my form!
Getting silly at the Jean Bonnet Tavern!
Fancy drinks at the Jean Bonnet Tavern!
Fun place to go for food and drink!
He got the only one!

Caught in action!
One of the three hiking trails they have there – it ended up my boyfriend got a tick on this walk and is now waiting to see if he has lyme disease…
Funky tree trunk!

2 thoughts on “Our Weekend at Bedford Springs”

  1. Hey girl! Other than the ticks, it's a great town, huh? haaaaaaaaa I'm headed up there this weekend and can't wait to spend some time with all my nephews. When I was little we used to swim out at the Sportsman's Lake and I'll never forget how we'd scream when we saw any kind of nature in the water…snakes, frogs, fish, whatever. Hilarious!
    Hope all's well!

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