Play Date with Shelley

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Shelley Graham Turner, fun-loving polymer artist of Tori Sophia and of Fabric of My Life blog, and her super PDa (Play Date artist) challenge!  She sends the beads, and she uses the same beads, we both make something, and reveal them on the same day!  Today is my day to reveal what I made with her beads!  The polymer beads she sent me are from her “ethnic” line.

I set out to make several things from these beads, although it would have been easier for me to make a necklace out of them – LOL!  The first thing I made was this memory wire bracelet, from one of her red beads and the black seed beads she sent!

The second is this pair of mis-matched earrings.  Or my version of mis-matched, anyways.  I’m not really a mis-matched kind of girl, but since the polymer beads are not exactly the same, to me they are mis-matched!  They are made with some very thin linen cord, and it work out perfectly!  The cord fit the little wood half-moon beads great! 

Then I made this great key chain with one of the bigger beads!  It’s made with waxed irish linen cord, and I used two of my own little black lampwork spacers.

SO, the last bead in the set stumped me.  I wanted to make a bangle bracelet with it, but the idea just was not coming out the way it was in my head.  That seems to happen a lot to me, anymore.  Hmmmm.  In any event, I decided I needed to make a necklace.  I was thinking about gunmetal, because copper just doesn’t seem to go.  I was thinking long, as that seems to be the style right now – a long necklace with just a pendant. So here’s what I came up with – a tassle of sorts, with the black seed beads, two half-moon beads and the polymer bead on a long gunmetal chain!  I like it – it will look great with a black sweater!  (Oh, and you should know I patinated a silver eye pin in liver of sulpher for this project and now my house smells LOVELY!)

I hope you enjoyed see what both Shelley and I made with her beads – please give her some beady love by visiting her etsy store where you can find these fantastic owls! 

10 thoughts on “Play Date with Shelley”

  1. Wowza Sue! You made so many pieces! As I read and you revealed each piece I kept saying – Ooh that's my favorite…then oooh NO , THIS one's my favorite! To be honest, I love them all but the earrings are my ABSOLUTE favorite. NO, no, the tassel necklace is. NO, No…(Hee hee!)

    Thank you so much for playing with me Sue and for being so patient with me about the reveal. xxoo

  2. Cool stuff! I especially like the earrings with the half moon dangles. Very saucy! The chain tassel is perfect on that necklace with the bead. This looks like it was a fun project!

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