7 thoughts on “Pretties In My Yard!”

  1. It’s about time you got around with the flower pic’s Sue!! Looooove the wisteria, we have one also, not blooming yet, and your other flowers are lovely!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sue, these are just so lovely. I especially like the bleeding heart. I grew up with them and have never since lived in a climate where I could grow them. Thanks for putting your pics up!

  3. So pretty! Can I send you some of my deer friends? My yard is their salad bar. Considering silk and plastic flowers this year! Keep the pictures coming – I’ll enjoy the flowers through you.

  4. Thanks everyone. I do have a deer salad bar – I have four concrete planters on my front porch, and I plant impatiens in them every year. Every year, when they get big and beautiful, the deer come and eat from the salad bar! Most of the photos I showed you were from my backyard (fenced in because of the pool) so they can’t get the tulips!

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