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I think I mentioned that a few weeks ago, I got to go to San Diego with the engineer because he was presenting a paper at UCSD – while I was there, I was able to see my college friend Kelly and my Aunt Kathleen. Of course, everywhere I go, I have to find some bead stores. This trip, I found two that were easy for us to find. This is the first one I’ll tell you about!

The Black Sheep is a bead and knitting store (more like a knitting store with some beads) on the Historic 101 in Encinitas. We stopped there before we went to my Aunt’s house; besides visiting the bead store, we had lunch at a very authentic Japanese restaurant. The engineer was quite happy which was great because he waited patiently without sighing while I looked through the beads and buttons!
First, I bought these awesome czech beads. Pretty very tiny two-toned faceted beads in emerald and teal blue; then the beautiful blue cathedral beads.

They had a really great supply of buttons there – I purchased both of these in the hopes that I can use them in some jewelry designs. If not, I’ll just use them on some clothing or something!

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  1. Very pretty beads but even better, you visited San Diego! I love the San Diego area, we honeymooned at the Del Coronado Hotel which is my all time favorite destination. Next time I'm in the area I'll have to check out the bead shops!

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