Scottish Week

Gentlemen, The Tartan!

Here’s to it!
The fighting sheen of it,
The yellow, the green of it,
The white, the blue of it,
The swing, the hue of it,
Every thread of it!

The fair have sighed for it,
The brave have died for it,
Foemen sought for it,
Heroes fought for it,
Honour the name of it,
Drink to the fame of it –

Murdoch Maclean

You may not know it, but it’s Scottish Week! And guess what? I’m Scottish! We have this book The Clans and Tartans of Scotland by Robert Bain (from 1954!), and I scanned in the pages of the Kennedy Clan/Tartan info. The only thing I’m disappointed in is, it seems Kennedy means ugly head. That’s not very nice!

6 thoughts on “Scottish Week”

  1. Thats a great week indeed! My husband is from Scotland, been in the US 5 years now. He is a McDonald thats alot of history how they were massacred at Glencoe in the Highlands. He is from Aberdeenshire he lived in a small villiage named Tarves. Scotland is the land of lovilness and much looks like as if set back in time. They allow no modern building types and everything is greenbelted with strict planning. I lived with him there 4 years and it was a big difference in many ways from here. He wants to go home so we will see what the future holds! This is a great post of yours lol.

  2. Hey Sue we have something else in common. My mom was born and raised in Scotland, we visited every other summer growing up, it was a great experience.
    My mom is 88 a going strong.

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