Seed Beading and Ammonite Cabochons

I wanted to show you all what you can do with my ammonite glass cabochons, so I decided to make myself a necklace!

I used one of my large cabochons (1.5 inches!) and made a beaded bezel from a tutorial from Sally Russick on her blog.  

 I made a spiral rope from directions from a magazine and a little help from fusion beads – their tutorials provide nice illustrations of what you are supposed to be doing.

 I made the bail from Sally’s tutorial.  She really did a fantastic job and if you are wanting to give it a try yourself, her tutorial is all videos and very easy to follow.  I’m waiting for a magnetic clasp to finish the necklace – the ones I ordered and received today are too small for my comfort!

So, this is one thing you can do with my cabochons.  You can also bezel set them (like Patti Vanderbloemen) or glue on a metal bail, or …. who knows what else!  What are you doing with cabochons?

4 thoughts on “Seed Beading and Ammonite Cabochons”

  1. I am so jealous that you can do this!!! This is just GORGEOUS! The spiral chain is my all-time favorite! I have one of those cabochons waiting to be bezeled with silver – as soon as I move into my new house, the will be one of my first projects! Awesome job!!

  2. Hello Sue, these glass Ammonite cabs are beautiful. Can you tell us a little more about them? are they double sided or flat and smooth on the back? Thanks!

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