Shameless Self Promotion

I stole Melissa Lee’s verbiage – I just thought I’d share some info on a few publications in which you can find my work this winter!

The first one is the AGLF 2010 Calendar (Artisan and Glasswork Legal Fund) which you can find here in Betsy’s etsy store! This calendar is a fund raiser to help pay for the legal fees that will arise in the lawsuit against the Wacko from Waco who is slandering many lampwork and other artisans! You can get yours for $20 – it’s a great deal! My beads appear in the months of February and November!

This next one is the Winter Issue of Stringing Magazine. I have a bracelet, Monet’s Garden, in the bracelet section. You can buy the beads to make the bracelet here on my WEB SITE!

The December 2009 Bead Trends Magazine is the first Bead Trends in which I appear – when I received my advanced copy, I was really blown away! It’s such a class magazine, and they take absolutely beautiful photos of the jewelry! You can buy it here! My project is the Winterberry Sparkle Bracelet and Earring set – you can buy the beads on my web site!

Finally, the January 2010 issue of Bead Trends Magazine has my Passion For Purple bracelet, made with some of my sparkly lampwork beads and my handmade beaded beads. I don’t have the lamwpork beads listed yet, but if you want some in the same colors, just let me know. I’ll take orders until I get them listed on my web site!

10 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion”

  1. congratulations on the publications!! we were in the bt together… (my first as well)… ok, i didn't know about the wacko from waco – and how sad that you guys have to raise this kind of money to fight it… it's discouraging… your work is really pretty ~

  2. Thanks for all the comments! The wacko from waco is a woman who got kicked off etsy for allegedly buying other lampwork artist's beads and then selling them as her own. She decided to go after the lamwpork and artistic community as a whole. I happened to write a sympathetic comment on one person's blog, and that's how she decided to target me. Oh well – I did get a lot of business from it, as well as a lot of looks in my etsy shop!

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