Something I Love

Do you get the Sundance Jewelry catalog? I do, and I love it! I save it for later, then when I have a minute, I sit down and go through it to see what they have that I covet! I don’t buy a lot of jewelry, because I can make it, but I never make anything for myself except earrings. I just love this bracelet. It’s called Heartbeat Bracelet; I love the coral, and I love the (what I’m guessing is) Hill Tribes heart that’s off center. I may just buy this for myself, for my birthday!

6 thoughts on “Something I Love”

  1. Count me in among those who love this catalog. I horde them and when I feel uninspired I look back through them to help get the creative juices going.

  2. I go through Sundance catalogs whenever I need inspiration. I aspire to make stuff like that! It really is chock full of ideas.

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