Kristin, at Waking Beauty Designs, tagged me with a silly little game – name six silly things that make me happy. To play the game, you list who tagged you with a link back to them, list your six silly things, and then tag six more people and link to them. I hope I can find six things, and six people.

1. I like getting packages in the mail!
2. I love my kids’ laughs!
3. Wine! Although that’s not really silly.
4. Very occasionally, an Egg McMuffin with cheese!
5. Flowers from my engineer!
6. Chocolate!

Tagging and I apologize if you have already been tagged:

Melissa, from Strands (and yes, I still owe you a post from tagging me!!!)
Nancy, from Round Rabbit
Rosanne, Fab Fibers
LLYYNN, Lynn Davis
Mary Jane, Maire Dodd
Silver Parrot, Kelly, who recently gave me a very nice blog award!

3 thoughts on “Tagged!”

  1. Six silly things that make me happy?

    1. Fresh fruit at the farmer's market
    2. Looking at sewing patterns for baby toys for the grandbebe
    3. Driving to work with damp hair and the moonroof open in the car
    4. Homemade mocha ice cream and espresso coffee
    5. Summer reading novels from the library picked off the shelf at random
    6. Listening to favorite old songs on the bright red MP3 player from my daughter

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