The Phantom Of The Opera Blog Hop!

The lovely and apparently crazy Pamela Sears of The Crazy Creative Corner is hosting a blog hop today based on the Phantom of the Opera! When I heard about it, I said, yes, I’ll play! I love that musical! My kids love that musical! Sometimes we go around singing the songs from it! And she gave us soooooo much time to get it together! So guess when I made my pieces? Yep, Thursday afternoon…as my true nature and fashion, I guess. I just seem to have so many distractions and things to do lately, with kids and jobs and Bead Fest took so much time, blah blah blah.  Everyone is in the same boat!  So here are my pieces for the Phantom Challenge!

I actually made the necklace first, but I’m going to show you the earrings first.  I really like them!  I made them with my own shimmering lampwork beads, a pair of vintage chandelier crystals my mom gave to me, and a pair of pretty pearls!  Of course, you know the chandelier crystals are for!  

I like how they turned out!  Of course, there’s nothing like a challenge to point out personal shortcomings – I really need to add a few more hours in the day so I can make some more of my own ear wires.  And I need more jump rings.  And round beads. 

This necklace actually went through three rounds of change before I finally came up with and decided on this design.  I had something in my head since the day Pam opened the challenge, and these pieces are nothing like it, but I like them nonetheless.  I like the large chandelier crystal I used for the focal – and the smaller ones with my shimmery beads went really well too!  I don’t usually wear matching things, but these of course were made to go together!

Here’s a list of the rest of the participants!  Why not go visit them today and see what they made for the Phantom of the Opera challenge!  And thanks Pam!

The Crazier Sister – Our Host!

14 thoughts on “The Phantom Of The Opera Blog Hop!”

  1. Hi Sue,
    Beautiful earrings and necklace. I totally understand being busy with all kinds of thing, such is the way of life. The chandelier crystals and your lamp worked beads play well with each other and make your peices stunning.

  2. I love the chandelier crystals! The beads you made go so well with them .. the shimmer is the perfect compliment. The long crystal in the necklace is just perfect .. dramatic and stunning.

  3. Love what you made. Yes, other than the mask and rose, the chandelier *does* seem to be the other focal of the play. You depicted it beautifully. And, don't worry, I did mine last night, too! (snerk!) As I've said before, I am the Queen of the Procrasti Nation! (hahaha!)

  4. Beautiful job, Sue! I love the chandelier crystals-appropriate!! I actually saw the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway about 8 years ago…it was fantastic!

  5. Love the earrings!!! And the chandelier effect that the necklace has is perfect!!! You did a wonderful job! =) I think we are all procrastinators (or in my case, lack of inspiration until the beads picked ME – the day before! LOL)

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE that necklace!
    What a perfect interpretation of the chandelier. The earrings are lovely too of course 🙂

    I am a lil late on my reveal but if you would like to come take a look you are welcome 🙂 I am now following you too!

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