To Etch Or Not To Etch…

I made these beads yesterday, I love the color of the aqua blue. I made one pair etched, and love how they turned out. But I love the un-etched ones too. Which do you like? These will show up in my etsy store later today!

12 thoughts on “To Etch Or Not To Etch…”

  1. I prefer the etched ones, but all your beads are beautiful.
    I am so happy with the purchase I made, I can't wait to finish working with them to show you!

  2. I just received the amethyst ones from the other day and I absolutely love them and they are etched. I think the etching really goes with the shape and the edge treatment on these.

  3. I love the etched…it makes the glass look so soft. Maybe you could leave them un-etched but have photos of both in the listing and offer to etch if the buyer would like?

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