Whew, what a day!

I left early, went down to the engineer’s and we went to SouthSide Works for some last minute shopping and a holiday lunch together at Cheesecake Factory. We both ordered “lunch size” entrees, which were still too big for us to eat! Then I came home and the hvac guy came to do the furnace clean and check. Then I ran up to the store with my son. Then I made a very bad mom dinner. Then I went through all the gifts to make sure everything was in order. Then we cleaned the rat cage. Then I uploaded a bunch of stuff to my flickr account. Now I am going to go wrap some gifts. Long day. I am looking forward to going to bed and sleeping in tomorrow!

The kids and engineer are going to see Avatar tomorrow. I am not. I heard that us old folks will get ill with all the motion and effects. Which I believe, since I can’t even watch someone playing the Wii car racing games without getting dizzy! I will instead make beads! I have two orders I need to get done, plus I really need to get some new beads for the etsy store!

One thought on “Whew, what a day!”

  1. Glad you mentioned that about Avatar, I was thinking of going to see it with my oldest and knowing that, there is no way!! I get dizzy too and I really don't enjoy that so is that.
    I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!


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