New Map Pendants on BellaHannahJane!

Hi everyone – Happy Tuesday – or not so happy depending on how you feel… like if you stayed up late to watch the Steeler Game, or you followed the stock market…

Anyway, there’s some new map scrabble tile pendants up in my other etsy store, BellaHannahJane (named after my daughter) and you might find your city. If you don’t you can ping me and I’m sure I can make you one! These are very cool to give to someone for a stocking stuffer or holiday gift; I think it would be particularly cute to give to you child of a place you visited, or if you are a boyfriend and you spent a special weekend with a special someone in a special place! Good guy gift! Have fun shopping!

New Beads on Etsy!

Whew – that was a busy weekend. My son takes tang soo do, and on Saturday he did his recertification test for his second cho-dan patch for his black belt. He has been doing this for five years, and last year at this time was when he received his black belt (at 9 years old!). Next year at this time, hopefully, he will be getting his e-dan patch! Yay for you S. My daughter went on a “cabin camping” trip to Ohiopyle with her school Trailblazers club and apparently had a great time because she came home exhausted. Thanks to my friend, Tod, who so graciously offered to pick her up – what a guy! Then, we had some friends over for dinner and had a really nice time! Early this morning, get up for Sunday school. It’s cloudy, so it’s a good day to have a lazy day!

There are some new beads up on etsy – some swirly ones and a pair of chinese lantern beads but in the lentil shape. Check them out!
Oh, yeah, don’t forget to take my poll to the right – I would like to know what size/type of beads you are looking for! Thanks!

Customer Makes Dog Leads with my Beads!

I have a great customer who requested some of my designer beads with a large hole. She was making dog leads and wanted to embellish them with lampwork beads. I have made a series of these for her, and she graciously gave me permission to post a photo of one of the leads she made with my purple galaxy bead. Her name is Linda, and if you are interested in her work, you can find it at They are really cool and she does custom work!

Check out my Poll!

Hi everyone – I just created a poll to the right of this post – I wanted to know what size or type beads you prefer when making earrings. I like to list earring pairs on etsy, and I’d rather make bead sizes that you want! Thanks in advance to everyone who answers the poll! You have until October 1! If you prefer a different size or type totally, leave me a comment!

Scrabble Tile Pendants on Etsy Make Great Stocking Stuffers!

I’ve just relisted a bunch of scrabble tile pendants in my BellaHannahJane etsy shop. They make really great stocking stuffers or holiday gifts. The map ones are fantastic if it’s a place you live, have lived, or visited and has special meaning to you. The stamps are fantastic because they are vintage and just so colorful! All the stamps now are self-stick – these are great! Please check out the shop, and tell your friends!

Halloween Beads!

I have some cute halloween-type beads up in my etsy shop right now – check them out. Some people enjoy halloween, but don’t necessarily like the pumpkins and bats jewelry – here’s where my beads come in! If you are a mom who’s going to the school halloween parade, but have an older child, I think you could really make something cute out of these beads! If you are going to a party, but don’t want the bats, as I’ve mentioned, these will also do very nicely! Happy weekend!

New Beads on Etsy!

Hi everyone – well, it’s the weekend, and I for one am thankful that I don’t have to get up at 6am tomorrow to get the kids ready for school. I get so tired this time of year, when I’m still going to bed late, but have to get up so early. It’s supposed to be a beautiful almost-fall weekend here – lots of yard work to do! There are some new beads and purse charm/clip/pulls up in my etsy store right now – have a look!

Check out Rocki’s Blog!

Hi everyone – you have to check out my new friend Rocki’s blog! She is so enthusiastic! I submitted an earring design to a magazine (which will be disclosed at a later date – like when I actually have a contract in hand) and it was accepted. I used her Elfin Ear Wires, and her shop name will be listed as a source in the magazine! They are great ear wires – very pretty, but also very functional and strong! Give them a try! And check out my web site sale, too! Thanks for making my day, Rocki!