Goofy Squirrel!

This is so funny! My daughter has a bird feeder attached to the outside of her bedroom window. Occasionally, she puts seed in it for the birds. This one brave squirrel has figured out how to scale the house and get to her window sill, so he can have a buffet! The funny thing is, my boyfriend got to about a foot away from the window to take these pictures, and the squirrel didn’t care at all. You know what he was saying…

Root for the Steelers this afternoon, against those nasty Patriots!

Finally! My Flamecicles!

Here’s a photo of my flamecicle – one of them – that I made at the Pittsburgh Glass Center class I took! Fun, huh? They actually look like icicles that hang down from your eaves during the winter. If you click on the photo, it will make it larger for you, and you can see it better. I think they’ll make great tree ornaments, or even hanging in the window. If I ever get some boro glass, I may make more to sell! They were really hard to photograph.

Art pendants

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday yesterday. We had a very nice day – 15 at my house, I think everyone had a great time!

I listed some new beads and some new pendants in the etsy stores – I’ll just show you a Kandinsky pendant I listed – I really like it! Have a great weekend! And shop from home, instead of going out in that craziness!

Didn’t get my icicles…

I didn’t go to get my icicles, I had to make beads today for the holiday shoppe, and I feel completely overwhelmed with Thanksgiving, holiday shoppe and trip all on my plate for the next week. By the way, I think I mentioned, I’m going to be taking down both etsy store inventory for the shoppe, so if there’s anything you want in either store, better get it now!

Class Today!

I had my class today. It was a little bit different than I expected (working with boro, which I’ve never done, and completely different icicles than I was expecting!) but I did enjoy myself. I wasn’t feeling all that great so I was thinking about skipping it, but my geek boyfriend talked me into going, and I’m glad I did. I can’t get my work back until Tuesday, though, so I’ll try and post a photo as soon as I do!

Where did this weekend go? We’re having Thanksgiving at my house this year, and my boyfriend’s parents are coming in, too, so we’ll have a full house! Lots of fun! We did a lot of work this weekend getting ready! I had ordered a new chandellier for the dining room, and we had to put it together and put it up. It’s much better than the old one. We got carpet too so had some furniture moving in the basement – it’s so much better, I think the kids are really going to like it a lot more! I know I do. And my tile in the entryway was replaced – looks so much better too! Now, I need to get bead selling to replentish my bank account!!!


Yay – I found out there was a cancellation in the Flamecicles Class at the Pittsburgh Glass Center on Sunday – so I get in! I have always wanted to make those pretty icicle ornaments, but reading a tut didn’t really do much for me! Here, I get to see how exactly and make them myself! I’m excited I got in! Hopefully my daughter will return the camera she borrowed from me, and I can post some pictures! This is a picture of the glass center, located in the Friendship neighborhood of Pittsburgh.


I am waiting waiting waiting for things to arrive in the mail. I have lots of ideas and things to make for the Holiday Shoppe, but since we have a marked lack of supply stores here in the Pittsburgh area (fusing things, wire things, aanraku bail things, etc.) I have to mail order, and I am waiting for so many things to arrive. It puts a hold to all I can do. I have lots to do in the house this weekend, to get ready for Thanksgiving (yep, having it here!) so I assume all the things I have ordered will arrive on Saturday…

Meantime, here’s a picture of some random beads – just for eye candy until I can get photos of my new things, if anything ever arrives in the mail! These were minis that I made, and sold on ebay, after I read a post by Kerry Bogert at Kab’s Creative Concepts blog. She made a necklace out of multi-colored mini beads. I made mine with just two colors each. Some I really liked a lot! I think they would make a really cool colorful bracelet.