Street in Obidos, Portugal

Hey everyone – in case you didn’t know, I am headed to Portugal for a week! This weekend, I will be going to Portugal for the engineer’s professional society meetings, along with my kids and my parents. If any of you readers out there from Portugal have advice or info, I’d love to have it. We will be spending a few days in both Cascais and Obidos. We will only have hours in Lisboa, from dinner to the next morning. I would love to find some bead stores, tiles, and good wine! If you know of a restaurant we have to go to in Lisboa I’d love the name!

Kids and Berries

Last night, after I made the kids dinner, they went back outside and found all these great berries. The only rule was, if you find it, you eat it! The raspberries have been there for years, but now are full of blackcaps. I think I need to get some new bushes! The blueberry plants are at least 10 years old and finally came into their own last year – you should see how many berries are on those bushes and how nice and big they are getting! Today, I saw a robin fluttering around inside the cage the engineer built with deer netting and pvc pipes. I don’t know how it got in, but I had to open the little door, and stand back. It finally got the idea! If you click on the photo, you can see how nice the bushes are! BTW, all the bushes are from Martha Stewart, back when she sold such things. I wish she still did!!!!

Have a great day! It’s going to be a hot one here! Hard to sit in front of a flame and kiln!

Do You Sell Wholesale?

I keep getting this question, lately, due to the project in BeadStyle July 2009. My standard answer is “No, sorry, I don’t sell wholesale, but if you place a (Large) order, I’m happy to give a discount.” My beads are made from high quality materials, I spend a lot of time on them, and think they are pretty darn good. I don’t charge as much as I should for my beads, either. I don’t make a lot of money on my beads. Yep, you can buy chinese or indian beads that are not properly made or made with low-grade glass and not kiln-annealed for a LOT less, and your customer will be the one who pays for that in terms of broken or shattered beads. I am a one-person show; I make all my beads, clean them, pack them, mail them, etc. Selling wholesale to me always felt that if you made such a large number of beads, you must have people working for you, making that same design, because how could one person with kids and a house, etc., spend that much time??!?!?! I will have to ramp up in the future, and figure out how to do it, but right now with summer, I seem to be at my limit in terms of time!

I guess my question to you is, do you sell wholesale? Have you ever considered it? What is the standard protocol for selling wholesale – how large should the order be? What should the price discount be? Is there a sliding scale? How long of a lead time do you give the customer? I have some running around to do today, but I’ll be very interested to hear what you have to say on the topic!!! Thanks everyone!


Kristin, at Waking Beauty Designs, tagged me with a silly little game – name six silly things that make me happy. To play the game, you list who tagged you with a link back to them, list your six silly things, and then tag six more people and link to them. I hope I can find six things, and six people.

1. I like getting packages in the mail!
2. I love my kids’ laughs!
3. Wine! Although that’s not really silly.
4. Very occasionally, an Egg McMuffin with cheese!
5. Flowers from my engineer!
6. Chocolate!

Tagging and I apologize if you have already been tagged:

Melissa, from Strands (and yes, I still owe you a post from tagging me!!!)
Nancy, from Round Rabbit
Rosanne, Fab Fibers
LLYYNN, Lynn Davis
Mary Jane, Maire Dodd
Silver Parrot, Kelly, who recently gave me a very nice blog award!

I need a new camera

Here’s a photo I took of the bracelet I whipped up today. It’s made from some beautiful turquoise I got at a bead store in Savannah – they had just got it at a bead show. It’s more green than the photo shows. It’s accented by 5mm sterling saucer beads and a paisley toggle clasp from Fusion Beads. I like it a lot! When the engineer isn’t busy later, I’m going to see if he can look at my camera and tell me what’s up with it!

More Storms

Thanks to everyone who left me well wishes about the big horrible storm we had. I know my pool was trashed, but so many people had it so much worse. Through all his hard work, the engineer has just pronounced the pool swimmable. Just in time for what appears to be another round of severe storms headed our way later this afternoon. If you don’t hear from me again, it’s because we have no electricity!