My First Attempts At Enameling

Here are two photos of what I made this morning. Not like Barbara’s, but ok. I’ll use them for myself, in any event. I hope to do more this weekend – between school delays today, sick kid and my own headache (I need to get the chiropractor) I haven’t gotten much accomplished this week. I do have a few bead sets to list in the etsy shop – I’ll let you know later when I do!

Oh Mary!

Mary Harding had a Valentine’s sale in her etsy store, and I could not resist! I bought a pendant and two toggle clasps. I could not wait to get them. The package came. I opened it. I was amazed! This is how it came!She wrapped it with a beautiful ribbon that I will surely use in some jewelry designs, but she also included a tiny little heart pendant as well. OMG – how cute!
Here’s a closeup of the pendant and the ribbon, and her beautiful brand sticker on the box!
The pendant – she also included ribbon and a card, with a description of the item on the back.
One of the toggles. Not only does she wrap them in a little cellophane bag, but she wraps the entire package on the inside with pretty purple tissue paper.
Mary Harding is a great artist, but she is also incredibly thoughtful in how she packages and sends her work. She must take a great deal of time doing this! Not only was I thrilled to get what I ordered, but it was like a present opening the package. Thank you Mary. You should check out her shop!

New Beads

Just listed some new beads in the SueBeads etsy store – I’m on my way down to the ccccold basement to make some more for some orders!

I’m sorry to say that, last night, there was a shooting due to a parking space fight – a man shoveled out a space for his girlfriend and someone parked in it. A fight ensued, the police came, and the man who shoveled took a shot at police. Luckily no one was hurt or died. It’s getting ridiculous out there! Katie Nelson posted on my facebook about other cities who do the parking chair thing, so it’s not just Pittsburgh, but boy is it nasty!

More Entertainment, and More Beads Later

(right by the fire hydrant that no one bothered to dig out…)

Here are some more entertaining parking chairs for you. The more photos I took, the more I had to take – it is so ridiculous. As soon as one person saves their space, everyone else has to save theirs too – kind of like saving your pool chair at 7am at a resort or you won’t get one…

I’ll have more beads listed in the SueBeads etsy store in a bit, and I’ll post when I do!