Art Bead Scene February Challenge – Luna Park by Vestie Davis

The February Art Bead Scene challenge is “Luna Park” by Vestie Davis. It’s a really cute painting, with red and blue and hearts as the highlights. I created the bracelet below to enter into the challenge.
I made a three-strand bracelet with turquoise seed beads, sterling silver heart chain, and my own wire wrapped lampwork beads. It was challenging for me (you should have heard my language!!) connecting the heart chain and the seed bead layer, but it worked out, and one can actually wear the bracelet, too.
This is a closeup of the focal bead I made. I really like it. It’s clear glass, with red endcaps, and I twisted a handmade twistie onto it, made of red, turquoise and clear. I really like how it turned out!
The other beads I made were pale aqua and red. The clasp is a heart toggle clasp, which also goes with the theme. Challenging myself to get this done, and using the idea that was in my head, was really good for me this week – after all these snow days and delays and endless snow, I needed a distraction!

My Elusive Friend

A day and then a week passed by:
The redbird hanging from the sill
Sang not; and all were wondering why
It was so still—
When one bright morning, loud and clear,
Its whistle smote my drowsy ear,
Ten times repeated, till the sound
Filled every echoing niche around;
And all things earliest loved by me,—
The bird, the brook, the flower, the tree,—
Came back again, as thus I heard
The cardinal bird.

– William Davis Gallagher

He lives in the apple tree with his mate. Every time I go on the deck to take his photo, he disappears into the tree! He is so beautiful – against the white snow, it’s amazing how red he is. He sits and watches his mate eat out of the bird feeder I have hanging on my front porch. I’ll try again tomorrow to get a better photo of him!

Recent Purchases

I do have some beads to list, but since I haven’t photographed them yet, I thought I’d take you on a tour of my latest shopping spree (in no particular order)!These little porcelain hearts are from Nancy, of Round Rabbit Extra. Nancy was my Bead Soup partner, and I just can’t resist her work, it seems! Right now, I’m just hoarding them!
This gorgeous little birdie is from LeAnn at SummersStudioEtc on etsy as well. The birdie is so pretty and nice to hold – I have been taking it out of it’s little package and just holding it (no, I am not sick – you guys do it too!!!!).
This beautiful butterfly pendant is also from LeAnn. The photo just doesn’t do the coloration justice – it is so beautiful, I can’t wait to make some beads to match all the colors in it – this one is definitely just for me!
Finally, this beautiful polymer clay necklace from Zu – do you know Zu??? She is at Zuleykha on etsy as well. She lives in England and while her day job is as a professor, she makes these beautiful canes and creations. She also has some tutorials available if you do polymer clay work yourself!

Ok, that was my tour of spending – not too bad, I guess. I was stuck in the house all week because of the large amount of snow we got, so shopping was in order! I have only received my mail twice in the past week. I wonder if I bought anything else????