Another Heart

This one was sort of an experiment. I remember Melissa Lee made a pendant with a chinese fortune cookie fortune, with glass and she soldered it together, I believe. Or she made a silver pendant and inserted it, can’t quite remember the details. But ever since then, I’ve been saving my really good fortunes. I decided to see if they would work in a collage pendant. It worked out ok, but it seems the paper is a bit too thin to go through the heating process. Oh well, a learning experience. I still like it, but think I’ll try and come up with something else!

Heart Collage Pendant

The other day, I was reading Andrew Thornton’s blog, and he mentioned that someone made a pendant out of a collage he had made. I remembered I had been the lucky recipient of a collage by Andrew when I purchased an Anne Choi heart from his destash sale. I thought, hmmmm, I made that heart collage for the Art Bead Scene challenge with punched out washi paper, I’m sure Andrew’s art would look great in one of the heart pendants. Last night I punched out the heart, and glued and then mod-podged it in place. I wanted to wait overnight, so the glue would dry all the way and produce no bubbles. This morning I glazed it with Amazing Glaze and, tada! A beautiful pendant! I hope Andrew likes it!

Enamel Bead Bonanza

Here are the enamel beads I made the other day – now I just have to divide them and photograph them! What do you like in enamel beads – sets, pairs, color coordinated?

Thanks everyone for all the nice comments about my daughter and myself! They are much needed and much appreciated! It is hard to be vigilant about her concussion, mostly mentally! While it doesn’t seem like a big deal from the outside, I know this can affect her for the rest of her life! Thank you so much for your concern!

Quick Note…

I haven’t posted or made beads for a few days now – on Thursday afternoon the trainer at my daughter’s school called. She got hit in the head with a softball and they thought she was showing signs of a concussion. They told me to watch her carefully. I thought with her symptoms I should take her to the doc – so on Friday that’s what I did and she does have a concussion. Watch her for other signs, but no exercise for a week…she doesn’t like that at all!!! But she’ll be ok. Today, I think I’ll finally get around to some enamel beads and more head pins, and maybe some lampwork beads as well. Depends on how I feel later – I am very tired. I myself am going through a little medical issue (girl stuff) but need to have surgery coming up soon. I’m ok, but it’s on my mind a lot and it also makes me pretty tired! Hopefully we’ll all be back to normal here in April. I’ll post later when I have some enamel beads up!