What a Fun Day!

We all had a great day today! We went to Jason’s where I made lunch of some really good mexican style chicken soup and homemade mac and cheese, and the kids had a great time sled riding!Jason and I took a walk down to see donkey (aka Eeeyore) and Skipper, and he took these photos. I think they came out really well, so I had to share. I rarely like photos of myself!
Eeyore and Skipper were getting peppermints! They really liked the attention, too.
We all went out to dinner later for Jason’s birthday, and on the way home, I had to take a photo of these rainbow trees to share with you all. It’s hard to see the purple one, but I love how the lights came out in the darkness of this photo!

Art Bliss Ornament Exchange

I decided to participate in the Art Bliss Ornament Exchange! My partner was Sally Russick, who happens to also live in Pennsylvania! She has a blog called WireWorked. She has an etsy store, too, which you can find here (it’s on hiatus right now). I thought since I sent her ornament I’d show you what I sent. This is the first time I made an ornament with my beads, if you can believe it, and I really hope she likes it. It was fun, I think I will make more!

For Another Friend

Here’s a pair of earrings I made for my friend Jill. She’s pretty amazing too – she is the director of a LARGE program at the Community College and deals with daily frustrations! She owns my daughter’s best friend, a great husband, and many pets, including two horses. I hope she’ll like these earrings! (The glass is transparent dark steel gray – just hard to see in photos – especially in a place that gets less sun than Seattle!)

For My Friend

I made this pair of earrings for my friend Beth! I’m seeing her tonight for dinner. She is so busy, she is an amazing mom and wife, she runs several programs at the Children’s Institute and she is getting her Ph.D. right now, and running a conference this spring! We don’t get to see each other enough. I don’t think she’ll see this before we meet tonight, but if she does see it, she’ll know I think she’s amazing!