AJE Component of the Month – Kristi Bowman-Gruel

Today is also the reveal day for the Component of the Month over at Art Jewelry Elements!  This month, Kristi Bowman Gruel provided us with gorgeous copper components.  You can get one in her etsy store!

I made beaded beads to go with the bracelet bar – this is is my new obsession!  They work up quickly and can be made in any color combination!  Originally I was going to make a necklace with it, but my idea required the holes to be more toward the top of the bar.  So, I made a bracelet instead! 

 Here’s my finished bracelet!  I really like it.  I used the seed beads to match the beaded beads.  I covered the crimp beads by the bracelet bar with the copper heishe beads, but couldn’t figure out how to do it with the crimp beads by the toggle – if anyone has a good idea, let me know! 

The only thing I’m not thrilled about is the toggle.  I had another one by Shannon of MissFickleMedia but couldn’t find it anywhere…

Please check out the AJE blog to see what everyone else made and thanks for stopping by!

Inspired by Reading Book Club Blog Hop

Andrew Thornton hosts a monthly book club called Inspired by Reading.  He picks books and we read the section and create based on our reading!  Although I’ve been able to read only one book (and it was good) so far, this time Andrew was nice and provided me with a selection from this month’s book, “My Mother She Killed Me, My Father He Ate Me: Forty New Fairy Tales”, edited by Kate Bernheimer – basically adult fairy tales!

 The story I chose was First Day of Snow by Naoko Awa, a Japanese fairy tale that borrows elements from folktales about disappearance. This story is about a girl who finds a mysterious round hopscotch trail and takes it for what seems like miles and miles.  She finally sees snow and hears a rhyme; it’s the bunny rabbits, appearing as snow to take her away from the world and turn her into a chunk of snow.  The only way she can get back is by chanting a rhyme about spring and a mugwort leaf.

My idea for the necklace was a white bunny bead I had from LeAnn Weih (Summers Studio) and a round handmade chain (engagement ring) taken from Cindy Wimmer’s new book, The Missing Link. The design calls for dead soft wire, which I did not have.  I used 18g copper wire, in a spool, and have no idea where I even got it.  It’s not even round, it’s sort of square.  Let me tell you, you need the dead soft wire.  The links just do not work right if you don’t use dead soft.  So while I didn’t finish the necklace, I did make 7 links to show you what the idea was!

Here’s the link chain I made; I used copper, patinaed it in LOS, and tumbled it for a while.

As I mentioned, the bunny bead is from LeAnn and fits perfectly with the story.

It will dangle from the middle of the chain.  I was thinking of adding white beads to the chain, to show the snow.  I also wanted to add one large green bead, to show spring.

I’ll probably make this necklace eventually!  But I did want to show you my process and that this time, I actually got farther in the process! 

Please visit Andrew’s blog for the complete list of participants and see what funky jewelry they made from these interesting fairy tales!

Halloween/Day of the Dead Blog Hop!

Diana Ptaszynski (Suburban Girl Studio) is hosting a blog hop today – Halloween/Day of the Dead!  I have to admit that I had loftier plans than what I ended up making.  I bit off more than I could chew this past weekend and while we did get two of my new windows installed and all of the stuff in the yard cut down and a big plant moved etc. etc.  I did not get to make what I wanted.  But here’s what I did make.

This cute little necklace was made from a charm I picked up in a little antique store in Bedford, PA.  It looks like one of those vintage Halloween cards – below the the back of the charm.

I also made these pumpkin earrings, complete with emerald green seed bead stems!  These were made with a pretty yellow color enamel powder on clear glass.  I kind of like how subtle they are!

And since I didn’t get to make anything else, I thought I’d show you some eye candy  – my collection of halloweeny/day of the dead beads!

Below is an owl head from Marti Conrad and a sugar skull from Gaea.

Next, pumpkin beads and a bird from Kylie Parry.

Scary face from Rebecca Watkins (ArtyBecca) and a sugar skull charm from Beth Hemilla!

Great skully from Diana P. (our host) and scary face from Lisa Peters Art.  I wanted to make something from Lisa’s bead, but just didn’t get to in time.

Finally another little charm I picked up and a funny face that I made (actually for Beads of Courage).

I hope you enjoyed my little creations and my eye candy.  Please go check out what everyone else made – I’m sure there are going to be some fantastic creations!

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AJE Earring Challenge Reveal #19, Weeks 39 & 40/52

Over at Art Jewelry Elements, we continue to have our twice monthly earring challenge reveal.  I have been a bit busy, under the weather, etc. to keep up, but this time I posted 4 pairs of earrings to our board!  Here they are!

These earrings are made with my own lampwork headpins, and pink quartz heishe.  I also made the niobium ear wires myself.  I was hoping they would solve my ear wire sensitivity issue, but they did not. I guess I’m just going to have to wear 14k gold.  Boo hoo!

These earrings were made form cute little charms by Mary Welsh Hubbard (White Clover Kiln – I love her beads!) and my own swirly lampwork beads.  Still not sure about the color combo – think I need to go with more pinky/purple than aqua.

More earrings with my own lampwork headpins and czech faceted rondelles!  I really like these!

Finally my own lampwork headpins with some beads that were called “titanium hematite” by the vendor from whom I purchased them at Bead Fest Philly.  I did not get their name and wish I would have bought more!  Does anyone know who they are or where you can get such beads?

Thanks for checking out my blog, please hop on over to the AJE Blog to check out the links for everyone else’s earrings!


This post appeared Tuesday on AJE Blog.

Cindy Wimmer (author of the new book, The Missing Link) and Jeanette
Blix (owner of Fundametals) are the co-creators of ArtBLISS, a weekend
retreat in Sterling, VA.  ArtBLISS was created four years ago to provide
three days of fun, jewelry-related classes to all of us arty-types!  I
had the pleasure of attending the first, second, and fourth (this)

Jewelry Elements was represented at ArtBLISS this year by Melissa
Meman!!!! Karen Totten, Jenny Davies-Reazor, Diana Ptaszynski and me!



took two classes this year: Thin Gauge Sheet Metal Workshop by Stacie
Florer; and Worlds of Color Polymer Clay by Christine Damm. Stacie is a
delight as a teacher, and Christine is so enthusiastic about polymer
it’s catching!  I had a lot of fun – I have not really worked in metal
before like this, and don’t do much with polymer either.  I wanted to
expand my horizons!

Here is a photo of a pendant I made in Stacie’s class – I LOVE it!  I learned to cut, form and rivet thin gauge sheet metal!

these are earring pendants I made, but they are not patinaed or tumbled
yet.  I am still deciding if I want to add rivets to the bottom to
dangle some beads (I’m thinking yes) so I have to wait to get my little
riveting gadget in the mail!  And rivets…  Did I mention ArtBLISS
makes you buy MORE things than you already have?

There are finished beads I made in Christine’s class – again, I LOVE them!  I had so much fun with polymer clay.

here are beads that are in the process of being completed.  I need to
order some oil crayons to use on them (there’s that BUY more stuff

On Saturday night we had a vendor night, and got to sell (and trade) some of our beads to the attendees of the workshop.

I highly recommend you check out ArtBLISS next year – it will be their 5 year anniversary and I hear they want to plan some really special things!